Installing BCX

Note: This post is part of the BCX Getting Started Guide 3.
Updated 2020-03-22.

The official BCX distribution package includes examples for Windows GUI, console, dynamic libraries, complete documentation, the BASIC to C translator, and several utilities including a text editor with syntax highlighting.

To get the latest bleeding-edge BCX tools and help files, visit the BCX Basic Forum. You will need an account to access some files. Registration is free.
  1. Download, extract and run the BCX installer.

  2. Click the Next > button.

  3. Click the Next > button.

  4. Use the default path, click the Next > button.

    Note: The screenshot shows the path C:\Program Files (x86)\BCX. If you are on a 64-bit operating system, this is the default path. On a 32-bit operating system, the path will default to C:\Program Files\BCX.

    Keep note of what path you are using, as further instructions rely on this path.

  5. Install eveything, click the Next > button.

  6. Use the default group name BCX, Click the Next > button.

  7. Create a desktop icon, click the Next > button.

  8. Click the Install button.

    1. If you do not have LCC-Win32 installed, you may get the error below. You can safely ignore this error and click the OK button.

  9. Uncheck Launch BCX - The Free BASIC To C Translator.
  10. Click the Finish button.

  11. Download the BCX 7.4.5 update from the BCX Files Yahoo! Archive. Extract the file and save Bc.Exe as C:\Program Files (x86)\BCX\Bin\Bc.Exe.

  12. Download the Bldbat 3.0.0 update from the BCX Files Yahoo! Archive. Extract the Bld Bat . 3.0.0.Zip file and save the files BLDBAT.EXE, BSTART.EXE, FTOOL.EXE to C:\Program Files (x86)\BCX\Bin\.

  13. Login to the BCX Forum, download the BCX Help 7.4.5 update from the Announcements section. Extract the file BCXHelp Version 7.4.5 and save BCXHelp.chm as C:\Program Files (x86)\BCX\Bin\BCXHelp.chm.

  14. Download the Dialog Converter 3.4 update from the BCX GitHub Archive. Save as C:\Program Files (x86)\BCX\Bin\Dc.Exe.

  15. Right-click the file C:\Program Files (x86)\BCX\Bin\Bldbat.Exe.
  16. Click Run as administrator.

    This will ensure you have permission to write to the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\BCX\Bin\.

  17. Click the No button.

  18. Click the No button.

  19. Click the No button.

  20. Click the No button.

  21. Click the No button.

  22. Click the No button.

  23. Select Pelle's C.
  24. Click the Finish button to generate the files BCXCON.BAT, BCXDLL.BAT, BCXGUI.BAT, PC.BAT, PCALL.BAT, PD.BAT, PDALL.BAT, PW.BAT, PWALL.BAT.